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Fairy Chimneys, Avanos, TurkeyFairy Chimneys, Avanos, TurkeyWME497701.00
Denmark Scenes Grabbag[3]Denmark Scenes Grabbag[3]WME477602.25
Malta Map CardMalta Map CardWME477471.25
Loudon, L'Eglise Saint-Pierre-du-Martray, EarlyLoudon, L'Eglise Saint-Pierre-du-Martray, EarlyWME151731.00
Andorra[SP] Les Banyes CrossAndorra[SP] Les Banyes CrossWME262941.00
RP La Baule, Hotel Royal, EarlyRP La Baule, Hotel Royal, EarlyWME205981.00
Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm & Family, EarlyGermany, Kaiser Wilhelm & Family, EarlyWME396482.00
Schloss Herrenchiemsee, SchlafzimmerSchloss Herrenchiemsee, SchlafzimmerWME222981.00
Luzern Panorama, EarlyLuzern Panorama, EarlyWME239351.00
Heidelberg, Universitatsplatz, EarlyHeidelberg, Universitatsplatz, EarlyWME275991.00
Lausanne, La Cathedrale et le Chateau 1912Lausanne, La Cathedrale et le Chateau 1912WME295721.00
Luzern, Nationalquai Kursaal, EarlyLuzern, Nationalquai Kursaal, EarlyWME295731.00
RP Mont Pelerin, Chapelle Anglaise et Grand HotelRP Mont Pelerin, Chapelle Anglaise et Grand HotelWME295741.00
Belgium, Bruxelles, Monument Anspach, EarlyBelgium, Bruxelles, Monument Anspach, EarlyWME231151.00
Issoudun, Eglise Sacre CoeurIssoudun, Eglise Sacre CoeurWME175501.00
Sweden, Stockholm, Saltseabath Hotel PanoramaSweden, Stockholm, Saltseabath Hotel PanoramaWME179981.00
RP Sweden, Hven Norreborgs Hamn 1964RP Sweden, Hven Norreborgs Hamn 1964WME189451.00
Gibraltar, Governor's Cottage, EarlyGibraltar, Governor's Cottage, EarlyWME314071.00
Monaco, Monte Carlo Theatre, EarlyMonaco, Monte Carlo Theatre, EarlyWME384621.00
Basel, Panorama, EarlyBasel, Panorama, EarlyWME239281.00
Hannover, Leibnizhaus, Very EarlyHannover, Leibnizhaus, Very EarlyWME239301.00
Spielmannsau scene 1913Spielmannsau scene 1913WME242551.00
Interlaken Scene 1908Interlaken Scene 1908WME252721.00
Belgium, Bruxelles, Hotel Terminus 1925Belgium, Bruxelles, Hotel Terminus 1925WME277611.00
Garmisch ViewGarmisch ViewWME289041.00
Zugspitzebahn View, EarlyZugspitzebahn View, EarlyWME289051.00
Oberammergau Scene 1930Oberammergau Scene 1930WME289081.00
1938 Waldgasthaus Christianental1938 Waldgasthaus ChristianentalWME289111.00
Braunwald Scene 1911Braunwald Scene 1911WME295751.00
Monaco, Monte Carlo, Place du Casino, EarlyMonaco, Monte Carlo, Place du Casino, EarlyWME314061.00
Dresden, Kath. Hofkirche, EarlyDresden, Kath. Hofkirche, EarlyWME300201.00
1908 Munchen Ausstellung Card, Brunnen1908 Munchen Ausstellung Card, BrunnenWME300151.00
Frankfurt, Palmengarten Scene, 1904Frankfurt, Palmengarten Scene, 1904WME289011.00
Sweden, Goteborg, Motiv fran Vallgrafven, Very EarlySweden, Goteborg, Motiv fran Vallgrafven, Very EarlyWME267391.00
Oberammergau, Mulhbach mit Kotel 1922Oberammergau, Mulhbach mit Kotel 1922WME270281.00
Remagen, Apollinariskirche, EarlyRemagen, Apollinariskirche, EarlyWME220631.00
Bad Schandau & Early SteamerBad Schandau & Early SteamerWME250301.00
RP Lago di Lugano, Morcote, Cimitero 1939RP Lago di Lugano, Morcote, Cimitero 1939WME250311.00
RP DinkelsbuhlRP DinkelsbuhlWME252671.00
Mt. Saint-Michel, Stairway in the SpiresMt. Saint-Michel, Stairway in the SpiresWME261081.00
RP, Kobenhavn, Denmark, RundetaarnRP, Kobenhavn, Denmark, RundetaarnWME263421.00
Luzern, Nolliturm und Musegg, EarlyLuzern, Nolliturm und Musegg, EarlyWME169371.00
Pont Croix, L'Eglise Notre Dame de RoseudunPont Croix, L'Eglise Notre Dame de RoseudunWME177601.00
Grosseto, Cattedrale 1923Grosseto, Cattedrale 1923WME177691.00
Lago Maggiore, Intra, 1949Lago Maggiore, Intra, 1949WME186961.00
RP Netherlands, Scheveningen KurhausRP Netherlands, Scheveningen KurhausWME187031.00
Konigstein, EarlyKonigstein, EarlyWME200021.00
Bonn, Munsterplatz, EarlyBonn, Munsterplatz, EarlyWME200031.00
RP Sweden, Nykobing Stadsbron 1961RP Sweden, Nykobing Stadsbron 1961WME203461.00
Berlin, Konigl. Schloss mit Luftgarten 1916Berlin, Konigl. Schloss mit Luftgarten 1916WME208431.00

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