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General Hospital, TorontoGeneral Hospital, TorontoWME497591.000 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
San Francisco, Hotel Jefferson @1910San Francisco, Hotel Jefferson @1910WME514021.000 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
 Lovely  Lady with Big Hat 1912 Lovely Lady with Big Hat 1912WME509321.000 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
Real Photo, Big Tree Grove, Kings Canyon Nat. Park, CAReal Photo, Big Tree Grove, Kings Canyon Nat. Park, CAWME513791.000 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
Argentina Ethnic Card, Cacique Women @ 1903Argentina Ethnic Card, Cacique Women @ 1903WME5142712.000 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
Harvester Butterfly [Tea Card]Harvester Butterfly [Tea Card]WME498021.000 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
Skookum Papooses, British ColumbiaSkookum Papooses, British ColumbiaWME514291.000 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
Arctic Skipper Butterfly [Tea Card]Arctic Skipper Butterfly [Tea Card]WME497971.000 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
Black Swallowtail Butterfly [Tea Card]Black Swallowtail Butterfly [Tea Card]WME497961.000 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
Redwood Tree Home in California 1907Redwood Tree Home in California 1907WME513932.750 Mar-24-17, 04:56:19
Lovely 1903 German Easter cardLovely 1903 German Easter cardWME545641.500 Mar-24-17, 15:01:46
Lovely Embossed Early Easter cardLovely Embossed Early Easter cardWME545651.250 Mar-24-17, 15:01:46
Young Girl with Chick on Easter card @1910Young Girl with Chick on Easter card @1910WME545661.250 Mar-24-17, 15:01:46
RP Aberdeen Union Street 1943RP Aberdeen Union Street 1943WME546532.750 Mar-24-17, 18:11:32
London, Charing Cross 1903London, Charing Cross 1903WME546543.000 Mar-24-17, 18:16:04
RP, Aberdeen, Union Street & Facade 1916RP, Aberdeen, Union Street & Facade 1916WME546552.750 Mar-24-17, 18:20:04
RP, Mullion Cove, Cornwall 1933RP, Mullion Cove, Cornwall 1933WME546562.750 Mar-24-17, 18:22:16
Old Canterbury & River StourOld Canterbury & River StourWME546582.500 Mar-24-17, 18:59:28
Market Place, Wells, A.R. QuintonMarket Place, Wells, A.R. QuintonWME546592.750 Mar-24-17, 19:02:13
Old Bridge, A.R. QuintonOld Bridge, A.R. QuintonWME546602.750 Mar-24-17, 19:03:35
The White Horse, Preston near WeymouthThe White Horse, Preston near WeymouthWME546612.500 Mar-24-17, 19:06:04
Spurgin, I'se Shy 1923Spurgin, I'se Shy 1923WME546647.500 Mar-24-17, 19:21:27
Warwick, Guy's Cliff House 1904Warwick, Guy's Cliff House 1904WME546661.000 Mar-24-17, 20:48:53
Oxford, Christ Church, Dining HallOxford, Christ Church, Dining HallWME546671.000 Mar-24-17, 20:52:02
Canterbury, St. Augustine's College, Upper ChapelCanterbury, St. Augustine's College, Upper ChapelWME546681.000 Mar-24-17, 20:54:16
Durham Cathedral, The ChoirDurham Cathedral, The ChoirWME546691.000 Mar-24-17, 20:56:50
Durham CathedralDurham CathedralWME546701.000 Mar-24-17, 20:57:34
RP French Lady Poses with Flowers 1908RP French Lady Poses with Flowers 1908WME546711.000 Mar-24-17, 23:15:47
RP French Lady Poses with Flowers 1911RP French Lady Poses with Flowers 1911WME546721.000 Mar-24-17, 23:17:10
 Lady Poses with Big Hat @1910 Lady Poses with Big Hat @1910WME546731.500 Mar-24-17, 23:20:50
Broadway Girl, Lady Poses with Big Hat, 1907Broadway Girl, Lady Poses with Big Hat, 1907WME546741.500 Mar-24-17, 23:23:52
Greeting Card, Lady Poses with Big Hat, @1910Greeting Card, Lady Poses with Big Hat, @1910WME546751.500 Mar-24-17, 23:27:35
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Oregon @1910Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Oregon @1910WME513921.000 Mar-25-17, 16:27:04
Cove Island Lighthouse, OntarioCove Island Lighthouse, OntarioWME513901.000 Mar-25-17, 16:27:04
Fisgars Island Lighthouse, B.C.Fisgars Island Lighthouse, B.C.WME513911.000 Mar-25-17, 16:27:04
Sea Cow Head Lighthouse, P.E.I.Sea Cow Head Lighthouse, P.E.I.WME513891.000 Mar-25-17, 16:27:04
Peggy's Cove Lighthouse, Nova ScotiaPeggy's Cove Lighthouse, Nova ScotiaWME513871.000 Mar-25-17, 16:27:04
Port Isabel, Texas LighthousePort Isabel, Texas LighthouseWME513861.000 Mar-25-17, 16:27:04
Biloxi LighthouseBiloxi LighthouseWME513851.000 Mar-25-17, 16:27:04
Los Angeles, Auditorium at Night @1910Los Angeles, Auditorium at Night @1910WME514221.000 Mar-25-17, 16:27:04
Lady of MartiniqueLady of MartiniqueWME509281.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50
RP Lovely Lady 1911RP Lovely Lady 1911WME509291.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50
RP Lovely French Lady 1910RP Lovely French Lady 1910WME509301.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50
RP Lovely Italian Lady RP Lovely Italian Lady WME509311.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50
Fur Seals [Tea Card]Fur Seals [Tea Card]WME498051.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50
The Clement-Bayard Airship  Repro of Early PhotoThe Clement-Bayard Airship Repro of Early PhotoWME499981.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50
Rebuilt Dirigible No 1  Repro of Early PhotoRebuilt Dirigible No 1 Repro of Early PhotoWME499991.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50
Hyacinthine Maccaw [Tea Card]Hyacinthine Maccaw [Tea Card]WME498111.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50
San Francisco, Chinatown Street Scene, 1930sSan Francisco, Chinatown Street Scene, 1930sWME497311.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50
Douglas Head Lighthouse, Isle of Man Douglas Head Lighthouse, Isle of Man WME513881.000 Mar-25-17, 17:00:50

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