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Santa AirplaneSanta AirplaneRJC600831.00
Australian Aircraft - Winjeel trainerAustralian Aircraft - Winjeel trainerRJC600821.00
Lufthansa CRJ Airline IssuedLufthansa CRJ Airline IssuedRJC600811.00
Lufthansa 747-200 Airline IssuedLufthansa 747-200 Airline IssuedRJC600801.00
Trans Canada Airlines ViscountTrans Canada Airlines ViscountRJC600793.00
BEA CometBEA CometRJC600781.00
Malaysian CometMalaysian CometRJC600771.00
Futura 737-800Futura 737-800RJC600761.00
Bin Air MetroBin Air MetroRJC600751.00
Aviavista AN 26Aviavista AN 26RJC600741.00
Albatros Airlines F100Albatros Airlines F100RJC600731.00
Miat A310 Airline IssuedMiat A310 Airline IssuedRJC600721.00
SBA Airlines DC 9 -31SBA Airlines DC 9 -31RJC600711.00
Malaysian Airline System 737-800Malaysian Airline System 737-800RJC600701.00
Wright Brothers airplaneWright Brothers airplaneRJC600691.00
KLM Royal Dutch DC 6KLM Royal Dutch DC 6RJC600681.00
Ryanair 737-800Ryanair 737-800RJC600671.00
Corsair 747 St. Maartin Corsair 747 St. Maartin RJC600661.00
Koral Blue A320Koral Blue A320RJC600651.00
Mistral Air 737-300Mistral Air 737-300RJC600641.00
Asky Airlines Dash 8 - 400Asky Airlines Dash 8 - 400RJC600631.00
Martin Plant and airportMartin Plant and airportRJC600621.00
XF 85 GoblinXF 85 GoblinRJC600611.00
Japan Air System MD90 Airline issuedJapan Air System MD90 Airline issuedRJC600601.25
Ethiopian 767Ethiopian 767RJC600581.00
Alliance Air Cargo AN 128Alliance Air Cargo AN 128RJC600571.00
British Airways ViscountBritish Airways ViscountRJC600561.00
British Airways ConcordeBritish Airways ConcordeRJC600551.00
Tuifly 737-8Tuifly 737-8RJC600541.00
Air Nostalgia DC3Air Nostalgia DC3RJC600531.00
Malev DC3  Malev DC3 RJC600521.00
Lufthansa DC10   Lufthansa DC10 RJC600511.00
Frontier A320Frontier A320RJC600501.00
Air Baltic 737 Airline Issued Air Baltic 737 Airline Issued RJC600491.25
LTU Vickers Viking Airline Issued LTU Vickers Viking Airline Issued RJC600481.25
Sun Express 737 Airline Issued Sun Express 737 Airline Issued RJC600471.00
Biplanes - Keg adBiplanes - Keg adRJC600461.00
Southwest   737-7Southwest 737-7RJC600451.00
Southwest Celebration 737Southwest Celebration 737RJC600441.00
Oasis Hong Kong 747-4Oasis Hong Kong 747-4RJC600431.00
Aerolitoral EMB 145Aerolitoral EMB 145RJC600421.00
Czechoslovak Airlines IL62  Airline IssuedCzechoslovak Airlines IL62 Airline IssuedRJC600411.25
Icelandair 757  Airline IssuedIcelandair 757 Airline IssuedRJC600401.25
Lufthansa DC10  Airline IssuedLufthansa DC10 Airline IssuedRJC600391.00
Focke-Achgelis Fa 61 HelicopterFocke-Achgelis Fa 61 HelicopterRJC600381.00
Air France AirbusAir France AirbusRJC600371.00
Meridian AN 12BPMeridian AN 12BPRJC600361.00
Citywing Let 410Citywing Let 410RJC600351.00
Transportes Aereos Regionais  EMB 110Transportes Aereos Regionais EMB 110RJC600341.00

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