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Canal - SS MatabanCanal - SS MatabanNYPOSTCARDS1343935.00
Prussian State RailwayPrussian State RailwayNYPOSTCARDS1311983.50
Midland RailwayMidland RailwayNYPOSTCARDS1311953.50
North Eastern RailwayNorth Eastern RailwayNYPOSTCARDS1311933.50
London Midland & Scottish RlyLondon Midland & Scottish RlyNYPOSTCARDS1311893.50
Midland RailwayMidland RailwayNYPOSTCARDS1311823.50
Great Western RailwayGreat Western RailwayNYPOSTCARDS1311713.50
Festiniog RailwayFestiniog RailwayNYPOSTCARDS1311583.50
Stockton & Darlington RailwayStockton & Darlington RailwayNYPOSTCARDS1311513.50
Listowel and Ballybunion RailwayListowel and Ballybunion RailwayNYPOSTCARDS1311503.50
1981 Riviera T Type1981 Riviera T TypeNYPOSTCARDS1292003.00
1949 Ford Four Door1949 Ford Four DoorNYPOSTCARDS1291943.00
2 - American Airlines2 - American AirlinesNYPOSTCARDS1291935.00
1981 LeSabre Sport Coupe1981 LeSabre Sport CoupeNYPOSTCARDS1291903.00
1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster1948 Chevrolet StylemasterNYPOSTCARDS1291883.00
1973 Buick Century1973 Buick CenturyNYPOSTCARDS1291823.00
3 - American Airlines3 - American AirlinesNYPOSTCARDS1291835.00
1970 Ford Ranchero Squire1970 Ford Ranchero SquireNYPOSTCARDS1291793.00
Delta DC-8 FanjetDelta DC-8 FanjetNYPOSTCARDS1291763.00
1973 Caprice Classic Coupe1973 Caprice Classic CoupeNYPOSTCARDS1291713.00
Nash AirflyteNash AirflyteNYPOSTCARDS1291602.50
Capital AirlinesCapital AirlinesNYPOSTCARDS1291563.00
Delta Douglas DC-3Delta Douglas DC-3NYPOSTCARDS1291433.00
3 - American Airlines3 - American AirlinesNYPOSTCARDS1291365.00
1985 Citation II1985 Citation IINYPOSTCARDS1291293.00
3 - American Airlines3 - American AirlinesNYPOSTCARDS1291275.00
1972 Caprice Coupe1972 Caprice CoupeNYPOSTCARDS1291223.00
Camaro Type LT CoupeCamaro Type LT CoupeNYPOSTCARDS1291193.00
Corvette StingrayCorvette StingrayNYPOSTCARDS1291153.50
B.O.A.C. Britannia 312B.O.A.C. Britannia 312NYPOSTCARDS1291163.00
1968 Buick Riviera Sport Coupe1968 Buick Riviera Sport CoupeNYPOSTCARDS1291133.00
Troy Ruttman, 1952 Indianapolis IndTroy Ruttman, 1952 Indianapolis IndNYPOSTCARDS1291103.00
Jimmy Bryan, 1958Jimmy Bryan, 1958NYPOSTCARDS1291053.00
1946-47-48 Dodge Sedan1946-47-48 Dodge SedanNYPOSTCARDS1290993.00
3 - Flat 753 - Flat 75NYPOSTCARDS1290974.00
Fiat 1500 SpiderFiat 1500 SpiderNYPOSTCARDS1290923.00
3 - Flat 753 - Flat 75NYPOSTCARDS1290934.00
Fiat - 124 Special TCFiat - 124 Special TCNYPOSTCARDS1290903.00
Monza Towne CoupeMonza Towne CoupeNYPOSTCARDS1290813.00
1969 Corvette Sport Coupe1969 Corvette Sport CoupeNYPOSTCARDS1290803.50
American's 1st & Only Limousette, The CruiserAmerican's 1st & Only Limousette, The CruiserNYPOSTCARDS1290763.00
Bill Vukovich, 1953 Indianapolis IndBill Vukovich, 1953 Indianapolis IndNYPOSTCARDS1290713.00
1956 Buick1956 BuickNYPOSTCARDS1290703.00
1947 Pontiac Torpedo1947 Pontiac TorpedoNYPOSTCARDS1290643.00
1947 Buick Super1947 Buick SuperNYPOSTCARDS1290623.00
Rodger Ward, 1959, Indianapolis IndRodger Ward, 1959, Indianapolis IndNYPOSTCARDS1290613.00
Nash AirflyteNash AirflyteNYPOSTCARDS1290532.50
1947 Buick Super1947 Buick SuperNYPOSTCARDS1290513.00

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