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Couple DancingCouple DancingNYPOSTCARDS1345275.00
3 - Couples, Dancing and Playing Music3 - Couples, Dancing and Playing MusicNYPOSTCARDS1345176.00
3 - Couples3 - CouplesNYPOSTCARDS1345066.00
Who Dar Sthand on the Tail Ov Me CoatWho Dar Sthand on the Tail Ov Me CoatNYPOSTCARDS1344535.00
Transportation Building, St Louis Worlds Fair - Mogul Cigar-Transportation Building, St Louis Worlds Fair - Mogul Cigar-NYPOSTCARDS1344147.00
Old WomanOld WomanNYPOSTCARDS1344025.00
Volcano - The Great AsoVolcano - The Great AsoNYPOSTCARDS1344005.00
Volcano - Nuevo Carter Del ParicutinVolcano - Nuevo Carter Del ParicutinNYPOSTCARDS1343915.00
Volcano - AsoVolcano - AsoNYPOSTCARDS1343895.00
Volcano - Mt KirishimaVolcano - Mt KirishimaNYPOSTCARDS1343885.00
La Foire Aux Santons by LeComteLa Foire Aux Santons by LeComteNYPOSTCARDS1343825.00
Volcano - Mt Lassen 1914Volcano - Mt Lassen 1914NYPOSTCARDS1343755.00
Volcano - Mt AsoVolcano - Mt AsoNYPOSTCARDS1343675.00
Volcano - JapaneseVolcano - JapaneseNYPOSTCARDS1343585.00
Volcano - JapaneseVolcano - JapaneseNYPOSTCARDS1343534.50
Volcano - JapaneseVolcano - JapaneseNYPOSTCARDS1343515.00
Volcano - Nuevo Carter Del ParicutinVolcano - Nuevo Carter Del ParicutinNYPOSTCARDS1343455.00
Volcano - JapaneseVolcano - JapaneseNYPOSTCARDS1343414.50
Volcano - Mt Lassen 1915Volcano - Mt Lassen 1915NYPOSTCARDS1343355.00
Marius Exagire by Fernanel BoucgeoisMarius Exagire by Fernanel BoucgeoisNYPOSTCARDS1343345.00
Volcano - JapaneseVolcano - JapaneseNYPOSTCARDS1343204.50
Volcano - JapaneseVolcano - JapaneseNYPOSTCARDS1343154.50
A Girl of the Roman Campagne / Tuck's 2638A Girl of the Roman Campagne / Tuck's 2638NYPOSTCARDS1342334.50
Greetings from BelgiumGreetings from BelgiumNYPOSTCARDS1340624.00
Language of Flowers - MonkshoodLanguage of Flowers - MonkshoodNYPOSTCARDS1339503.50
Nippon 15, River KisoNippon 15, River KisoNYPOSTCARDS1321093.00
Shulas America's Steak HouseShulas America's Steak HouseNYPOSTCARDS1320903.00
Sverige 6 krSverige 6 krNYPOSTCARDS1320863.00
Juan Bautista Alberdi - Republica Argentina 6cJuan Bautista Alberdi - Republica Argentina 6cNYPOSTCARDS1320813.00
Pro Patria 1954Pro Patria 1954NYPOSTCARDS1320643.00
Swedish Stamp 1973Swedish Stamp 1973NYPOSTCARDS1320514.00
Stamp CollectingStamp CollectingNYPOSTCARDS1320443.00
Liberace 1973Liberace 1973NYPOSTCARDS1320343.00
Gr 40 PolskaGr 40 PolskaNYPOSTCARDS1319993.00
UB5-07793 - USSR, Ukraine, KharkovUB5-07793 - USSR, Ukraine, KharkovNYPOSTCARDS1319934.00
Saint Antoninus O.P. preaching in Saint Mark'sSaint Antoninus O.P. preaching in Saint Mark'sNYPOSTCARDS1319924.00
The SupremesThe SupremesNYPOSTCARDS1319773.00
Saint Antoninus O.P. Statue by DupreSaint Antoninus O.P. Statue by DupreNYPOSTCARDS1319734.00
4000 Basel, Jahre Cent4000 Basel, Jahre CentNYPOSTCARDS1319693.00
East Indianman 6dEast Indianman 6dNYPOSTCARDS1319683.00
Just a Line To SayJust a Line To SayNYPOSTCARDS1313844.00
Rosie's Are Red & Violets are BlueRosie's Are Red & Violets are BlueNYPOSTCARDS1313714.00
Why Dont You Get a Horse by WallWhy Dont You Get a Horse by WallNYPOSTCARDS1313494.00
WHY Keep Your Hands Off by CarmichaelWHY Keep Your Hands Off by CarmichaelNYPOSTCARDS1313224.50
Happy HangoverHappy HangoverNYPOSTCARDS1313163.50
Frances & May Willard in their TeensFrances & May Willard in their TeensNYPOSTCARDS1312975.00
RPPC, Farm Scene, House, Wagon, Team of Horses, ShedsRPPC, Farm Scene, House, Wagon, Team of Horses, ShedsNYPOSTCARDS1312837.00
His First SmokeHis First SmokeNYPOSTCARDS1312715.00

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