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Frank RobinsonFrank RobinsonNYPOSTCARDS1313724.00
Rafael Santana - MetsRafael Santana - MetsNYPOSTCARDS1313364.00
Mel Stottlemyre - MetsMel Stottlemyre - MetsNYPOSTCARDS1312624.00
Soccer - Kick BallSoccer - Kick BallNYPOSTCARDS1312103.50
RPPC, Men Swim Team ?RPPC, Men Swim Team ?NYPOSTCARDS1290755.00
Golf - Summer Time SportsGolf - Summer Time SportsNYPOSTCARDS1289284.00
RPPC, Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro American League 1936RPPC, Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro American League 1936NYPOSTCARDS1289265.00
Golf - Summer Time SportsGolf - Summer Time SportsNYPOSTCARDS1289253.50
3 - Water Skiing3 - Water SkiingNYPOSTCARDS1289064.00
Magnolia Golf Course - Disney WorldMagnolia Golf Course - Disney WorldNYPOSTCARDS1288633.50
3 - RPPC, Snow Skiing3 - RPPC, Snow SkiingNYPOSTCARDS1288465.00
Water SkiingsWater SkiingsNYPOSTCARDS1288323.50
Mt Mansfield & Country Club Golf CourseMt Mansfield & Country Club Golf CourseNYPOSTCARDS1288263.50
Human Pyramid - Tommy Bartlett SkiersHuman Pyramid - Tommy Bartlett SkiersNYPOSTCARDS1288193.50
RPPC, Hope Mission Basketball Team, Louisville KY 1926RPPC, Hope Mission Basketball Team, Louisville KY 1926NYPOSTCARDS1288135.00
Girl RowerGirl RowerNYPOSTCARDS1287034.00
Hard Boiled HaggertyHard Boiled HaggertyNYPOSTCARDS1275405.00
Don JouddianDon JouddianNYPOSTCARDS1275274.00
Buddy RogersBuddy RogersNYPOSTCARDS1274985.00
Tennis - Woman - the Tennis GirlTennis - Woman - the Tennis GirlNYPOSTCARDS1274486.00
Tennis - Woman - The Tennis GirlTennis - Woman - The Tennis GirlNYPOSTCARDS1274456.00
RPPC, Tennis - WomanRPPC, Tennis - WomanNYPOSTCARDS1273946.00
RPPC, Tennis - WomanRPPC, Tennis - WomanNYPOSTCARDS1273826.00
RPPC, Tennis - WomanRPPC, Tennis - WomanNYPOSTCARDS1273716.00
Tennis - WomanTennis - WomanNYPOSTCARDS1273696.00
Tennis - CoupleTennis - CoupleNYPOSTCARDS1273496.00
Tennis - Club SandwichTennis - Club SandwichNYPOSTCARDS1273274.50
RPPC, Sledding - People on a SledRPPC, Sledding - People on a SledNYPOSTCARDS12722310.00
Soccer - PlaySoccer - PlayNYPOSTCARDS1272068.00
RPPC, Sledding - SnowRPPC, Sledding - SnowNYPOSTCARDS1272016.00
RPPC, RunnersRPPC, RunnersNYPOSTCARDS1271656.00
RPPC, Soccer - Team - LietuvaRPPC, Soccer - Team - LietuvaNYPOSTCARDS1271388.00
Shot at Sun Rise - SnowballsShot at Sun Rise - SnowballsNYPOSTCARDS1270997.00
Out First Ball, artist SignedOut First Ball, artist SignedNYPOSTCARDS1270957.50
I will run down - Soccer / Tuck'sI will run down - Soccer / Tuck'sNYPOSTCARDS1270946.00
RPPC, Volleyball S.A.A.C.C.RPPC, Volleyball S.A.A.C.C.NYPOSTCARDS1270597.00
Golf - A Difference of Opinion by Lawson WoodGolf - A Difference of Opinion by Lawson WoodNYPOSTCARDS1251015.00
Gruss CharlottenburgGruss CharlottenburgNYPOSTCARDS1246367.00
Men FencingMen FencingNYPOSTCARDS1246194.00
Fencing by Georg MuhlbergFencing by Georg MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1246057.50
Fencing by Georg MuhlbergFencing by Georg MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1245917.50
Football Player - YaleFootball Player - YaleNYPOSTCARDS12458220.00
Fencing by Georg MuhlbergFencing by Georg MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1245767.50
Football - Tackle Him LowFootball - Tackle Him LowNYPOSTCARDS1245719.00
Men Fencing - Heidelburg, Mensur im WaldeMen Fencing - Heidelburg, Mensur im WaldeNYPOSTCARDS1245655.00
RPPC, Football PlayerRPPC, Football PlayerNYPOSTCARDS1245498.00
Fencing by Georg MuhlbergFencing by Georg MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1245337.50
La Flotte Romaine dans - Ben-HurLa Flotte Romaine dans - Ben-HurNYPOSTCARDS1245256.00
Fencing by George MuhlbergFencing by George MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1245126.00

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