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White Mans Bar - Black AmericaWhite Mans Bar - Black AmericaCINSCARDS1599210.00
La France BluesLa France BluesCINSCARDS159543.00
Standard Oil Co. Great Lakes Expo, Cleveland OHStandard Oil Co. Great Lakes Expo, Cleveland OHCINSCARDS159534.00
Buy More War BondsBuy More War BondsCINSCARDS159515.00
Surge Dairy Farm EquipmentSurge Dairy Farm EquipmentCINSCARDS159494.00
The DramaThe DramaCINSCARDS159484.00
My Hou You Flatters Yourself DearieMy Hou You Flatters Yourself DearieCINSCARDS159474.00
Chrysler Building - Chicago Worlds FairChrysler Building - Chicago Worlds FairCINSCARDS159323.50
Ford Motor - Chicago Worlds FairFord Motor - Chicago Worlds FairCINSCARDS159313.50
Ford Expo - Chicago Worlds FairFord Expo - Chicago Worlds FairCINSCARDS159303.50
Black American - Carbon CopiesBlack American - Carbon CopiesCINSCARDS159196.00
3 - Dead Birds3 - Dead BirdsCINSCARDS159206.00
Black American - Im on the GoBlack American - Im on the GoCINSCARDS159185.00
2 - Golliwog's -Toy Stores Steiff2 - Golliwog's -Toy Stores SteiffCINSCARDS159166.00
Pansy's and a GirlPansy's and a GirlCINSCARDS159124.00
Walk-Over Shoes - In the StocksWalk-Over Shoes - In the StocksCINSCARDS159134.00
Scotch Scout ScootsScotch Scout ScootsCINSCARDS159095.00
Greetings - Swastika CornersGreetings - Swastika CornersCINSCARDS159104.50
Music - Face to FaceMusic - Face to FaceCINSCARDS159065.00
Go to Sleep My Little BabeGo to Sleep My Little BabeCINSCARDS159075.00
Leather - You Ought to See the Othe FellowLeather - You Ought to See the Othe FellowCINSCARDS158986.00
Bonnet Baby - Mary Had a Little LambBonnet Baby - Mary Had a Little LambCINSCARDS158956.00
Woman on Old Telephone - It Listen GoodWoman on Old Telephone - It Listen GoodCINSCARDS158915.00
Couple - Embroidered DressCouple - Embroidered DressCINSCARDS158925.00
Dancer - WomanDancer - WomanCINSCARDS158895.00
Couple - DreamingCouple - DreamingCINSCARDS158884.00
Halka - Prawda juz mnie nie porzucisz !Halka - Prawda juz mnie nie porzucisz !CINSCARDS158864.00
With Tender LoveWith Tender LoveCINSCARDS158844.00
Milose moja juz wykutaMilose moja juz wykutaCINSCARDS158854.00
The ByrdsThe ByrdsCINSCARDS158755.00
The Lovin SpoonfulThe Lovin SpoonfulCINSCARDS158765.00
The Young RascalsThe Young RascalsCINSCARDS158745.00
Four SeasonsFour SeasonsCINSCARDS158715.00
The OutsidersThe OutsidersCINSCARDS158725.00
Beach BoysBeach BoysCINSCARDS158705.00
Sonny & CherSonny & CherCINSCARDS158695.00
RPPC - Two WomenRPPC - Two WomenCINSCARDS158525.00
RPPC - Women with a Fancy HatRPPC - Women with a Fancy HatCINSCARDS158535.00
RPPC - Carpenter or Wagon MakerRPPC - Carpenter or Wagon MakerCINSCARDS158546.00
Let Women Run the Government - Suffrage - Womans RightsLet Women Run the Government - Suffrage - Womans RightsCINSCARDS1581812.50
Suffragette Madonna - Womans RightsSuffragette Madonna - Womans RightsCINSCARDS1581712.00
Vote for Woman -  Suffrage - Womans Rights - by WallVote for Woman - Suffrage - Womans Rights - by WallCINSCARDS1581612.00
The New Woman -  Suffrage - Womans RightsThe New Woman - Suffrage - Womans RightsCINSCARDS158157.50
Centrifugal, Sugar Beet FactoryCentrifugal, Sugar Beet FactoryCINSCARDS156645.00
Black Americana - Folder - DixielandBlack Americana - Folder - DixielandCINSCARDS156627.50
Black Americana - Folder - Sunny DixieBlack Americana - Folder - Sunny DixieCINSCARDS156637.50

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